Bonnie Karet is a 53-year-old wife, mother and veteran small business owner. In addition, she is co-founder/VP of Big Big World Project, a nonprofit that supports primary and higher education for Vietnamese orphans. She grew up overseas in developing countries, the daughter of a Foreign Service Officer. Despite having a nice life and several satisfying accomplishments, Bonnie began to unravel in her late 40’s. A long distance runner and lifelong athlete, she stopped exercising, running, and lost interest in her healthy lifestyle. Stress began to permeate her life, professionally and personally.

In 2015, to combat mounting stress, weight gain, and mid-life apathy, Bonnie hit the trail. She hiked 2189.2 miles in six months, the entire Appalachian Trail with the full support of her family. On this amazing journey, she discovered through physical hardship and solitude her strengths and weaknesses. What Bonnie learned about herself was life changing.