ONE WORD to describe me has to be PASSION!

In everything I do, it carries through. After spending over 25 years working In the Child Welfare System and tirelessly trying to change the system from within, I broke free.  In my new found freedom, I am determined to ensure the world does not just “accept” a broken system and that changes are made.  I never imagined I would one day be the Adoptive Mom of 2 teen boys who languished in Foster Care.  My life has been forever changed by their resiliency and survival in a system that harmed them more than it helped them.  Being an Adoptive Parent I have been forced to grow and become creative in my parenting style as I help all 4 of my children come together as a family. I now know what I never imagined as an Adoption Professional…what it’s like to actually LIVE the talk. I would not choose to change my journey.  I LIVE to inspire and support other families and children who are in the struggle and I shout  to the world…”Giving up is not an option…So BRING IT ON! “