I’m Maura – the person I thought I was, isn’t quite the person I am finding I am. I am a wife and mother of 2 wonderful children (11 and 14 year old). I can tell you I thought I was confident of who I was in life, even though I was overweight, I didn’t think that stopped me. What I have discovered over this healing process is the tough exterior that I have built up around me who I thought was confident, isn’t the person I really am. My walls are breaking down and I’m becoming the person I truly was meant to be. This all seems so vague, I know, but I’m on a journey of discovery that has amazed me over the past few years. I am being transformed and am facing fears I didn’t know existed as I have buried them partially by eating them away and believing those fears were not there. I am realizing, although I know I was respected I have lived almost all 54 years of my life as someone who has not felt I was valuable or special. I tried to believe it and would act as if, but in the depths of my being, I didn’t believe it