The definition of “Sandy” is helper; “Lee” means healer.  Throughout my life, I knew at the gut-level that I was called to be that catalyst for others. The only problem was that I had no idea how to find that for myself as hard as I tried. Through weight challenges, addiction, divorce, and so many other struggles, God has brought me to the healing, resolution and purpose only He could have for my life.  My life’s mission to use my gifts, in spite of the past has proven to be an education that you simply can’t pay for although I’ve tried. Aligning with people who haven’t walked the walk but have gotten a degree was never the answer for me. Overcoming, learning newly and finding my God-given Confidence IS MY God-given Success. Discovering that and applying it to YOUR life is truly transformational and will teach you to finally fly and I would love to show you that roadmap to freedom.