Life Strategist

Sterling D. Properties

I’m a native of Waco, Texas. I grew up the only girl in the household, and on my block. I learned at an early age to never be intimidated and to carry myself with pride and self-confidence. I always expected mutual respect from my male peers. My mama and daddy raised me to be a proper girl, but I still knew how to be a pretty good quarterback when needed. My parents were strict, but they did all they could to provide for us.

They worked hard at their cafe “Hole in The Wall,” but always ensured we were under the caring (and equally strict) watch of my aunts, Betty and Marthie. They taught me about work ethic, respect, and faith. All these foundations I carried with me as I ventured into young adulthood. After graduating from high school, I found myself in Kansas City working two jobs, going to college, and doing work study-all while raising my younger
brother, Mark. I never complained. I knew that if I wanted to be successful, things wouldn’t come easy. I had a plan. During all this, I met my future husband. After dating for four years, he finally convinced me to marry him, and we set out on a new adventure. I put my dreams on the back burner to help support his career as we moved around the country. We moved from Kansas City, MO to Oakland, CA; then went on from Atlanta, GA, to Birmingham, AL; migrated from Houston, TX, to Palo Alto, CA; jumped from St. Louis, MO, to Chicago, IL, before eventually settling in New Jersey.

That was where we had our child, Sterling. After thirteen years in New Jersey, we moved back to my home state of Texas. Not only were we family we were a team, but unfortunately, I was about to enter a new and unexpected season in my life. After thirty years of marriage, our family fell apart, and I found myself a single parent to our teenage son. Neither my son nor myself saw this coming.

The good news is, this challenge opened a new opportunity for me to grow into my purpose of becoming a life strategist. As a friend once described, Joanna Gaines walks into a house and designs the perfect home. I can walk into your life and help you to not only deal with your emotional real estate I can also assist you in finding your perfect home. Knowing that God made me strong, no matter how tough things got, I knew that I was tougher, and this toughness allows me to help you find your inner strength.